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Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle Consulting

Nutrition Noblesville

Dr. Brian, Michelle, Boz and Boomer!

We understand that making major wellness lifestyle changes can be difficult. Through our “table talks,” we’ll work with you and provide the guidance you need to succeed in achieving your goals. Our patients benefit from additional services which are included in their care plans. Start thinking about your overall wellness. Contact our office today to begin!

Nutrition Counseling

Many people aren’t getting the nutrition they need and may not know how to eat for optimal health. There’s so much information from different sources on which are the correct foods for you. We’ll consult with you to help you understand which foods you need and how to snack smarter and balance your diet. Supplementation recommendations are included, some of which can be bought at our office.

Exercise Consulting

Many people aren’t sure where to start when beginning to exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle plan. There are cardio, strength training and many other possibilities. It’s as easy as walking the dog. We’re here to let you know which exercises are best for you and which to avoid, helping you be as healthy as you can without recreating subluxation patterns.

Lifestyle Coaching

We’ll talk to you about moving toward the good things in life and provide the positive support you need. Together, we’ll consider your current state and how to get to where you want to be in life.

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