• Dr. Brian McCarley

What You Do As A Kid Might Determine Your Profession

I remember one time telling my parents, "Hey, mom and dad, if you look down those roofs we're driving along, it looks like a giant lying on his side running."

They thought I was nuts.

But when you look at it and think about that, it kind of does look like you're looking at the bottoms of the giant's feet and they're running away, because of the physics and the way light works and all those kinds of things. It was interesting.

I look back on that, I think, gosh, at a young age - I must've been five or six or seven years old - I was already thinking in terms of movements and watching things, noticing things about different movement patterns and things like that.

You just never know where something's going to come up and you realize, gosh, I was thinking about that kind of stuff and hardwired for this even back then.

What profession did you think you would be in at a young age? And is it the current profession you are in today?

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