• Dr. Brian McCarley

Tense Neck and Shoulders? Do This Stretch at Home!

Today, I'd like to show you a stretch that we use with our patients that we can teach them to use on their own. This helps to stretch the muscles in their neck and then their shoulders. It's very simple.

Take your right hand, and place it palm down under your right buttock. All this is doing is helping to stabilize this side of your body.

You take your left hand, reach across the top of your head like you're going to grab your ear, and you actually kind of do grab your ear, but then very, very gently, pull your head to the left using that left hand.

You may have to play with the position a little bit, bringing your head forward or back, or turning a little bit to one side or the other.

You'll feel a stretch. In this particular position I'm stretching right down the side of my neck here out into the upper part of my shoulder and even down into my back a little bit.

This is a great neck stretch to help with improving flexibility in your neck, and will eventually help improve rotation as well as lateral flexion. We love helping people be the best that they can be.

Did this stretch help you? Let us know!

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