• Dr. Brian McCarley

Does Your Body Need Help To Work Better?

Today. I want to show you one of the things that we use in our office to help people's bodies work better and to improve the health of our community.

What I'm holding in this video in my hand are two components of a system called the ChiroThin system. The ChiroThin system is a way for people to be able to lose weight and need to lose weight very quickly in a healthy way, in a way they can keep it off.

I say these two components are part of that system, because the system is much more robust. It consists of coaching sessions with a coach in our office, supervised by me. And advice on how to make choices in their lives that help them to not only lose the weight, but keep that weight off.

If you have weight challenges that you'd like help with, give us a call at 317-565-1726.

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