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Meet the Team

We want to take care of YOUR kind of family!

Our small, friendly team consists of Dr. Brian (that’s me!), my wife, Michelle, and our two shop-dogs, Boz and Boomer. We are eager to welcome you to our warm and relaxing practice. We’d like you to get to know these team members.

michelle-genesis-family-chiropracticMichelle McCarley

A self-described chief cook and bottle washer, Michelle serves as the practice manager, chiropractic assistant, new patient advocate and bookkeeper. “I do everything but the clinical decision-making and adjusting.” When she’s not at the practice, she enjoys hanging out with Dr. Brian, running full and half marathons, reading, spending time with friends, boating and being out on the water, and cooking.

I often refer to her as my “culinary savant” because she has the gift of whipping up inventive dishes from whatever she can find in the fridge and pantry. “When I ask her what’s for dinner, she’ll say, “I don’t know. Give me 10 minutes, and I’ll figure it out.” She makes absolutely delicious, perfectly prepared food that’s also beautifully presented – all in about 20-30 minutes.”

Michelle grew up in a very missions-minded church and as a result is very passionate about raising money for Team World Vision’s clean water projects in Africa. November 2017 will be her second running of the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon with her TWV teammates. To read more of her story, you can click this link.

Michelle’s chiropractic experience began when I was a student at Parker University. As a spouse of a student, she benefited from being adjusted by student interns. To this day, she credits chiropractic with allowing her body to eliminate it’s “dependence” on pharmaceuticals for allergy symptoms. Michelle loves helping others experience what she’s experienced, a more vibrant life without the dependence on pharmaceutical interventions.

The Boys

Our beloved canine companions are adored by our patients, particularly our younger ones. Our pediatric patients know the rule of the practice is that they can pet the dogs after they’ve been checked and adjusted. This makes them eager to be adjusted right away so they can enjoy time with Boz and Boomer! They also love when patients bring them treats! Hint…Hint…



Adopted the summer before I went to chiropractic college, Boz is still a fairly active 15-year-old Lab mix. “He was the first canine I adjusted.” His vet and I credit Boz’s longevity to chiropractic care, great nutrition, exercise and lots of love. The “boys” will play intensely for about 10 minutes or so until Boz decides that he has had enough and retreats to his favorite spot on the couch.





As the newest member of our team, Boomer is a 4-year-old Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog that we rescued through Blackjack Animal Rescue. Because he just loves to run, he is Michelle’s new running partner. At home, Boomer will run laps around the furniture in the family room while Boz waits for him to come around the corner so he can send him in off in the opposite direction.



We look forward to you meeting our team members, both our two-legged ones and our four-legged ones. Contact us today for YOUR consultation!

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