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Meet Dr. Brian McCarley

Finding a Way to Be Proactive

Dr. Brian McCarley

Dr. Brian McCarley

“I was a licensed athletic trainer before I became a chiropractor. Working with athletes at a high school level was great, but I was frustrated at being reactive instead of proactive. There was little we could do to help athletes improve their performance and prevent injuries. Instead, we just dealt with their pain after the injury occurred.

I looked around for other options that would allow my proactive personality to be shared with others. It felt like chiropractic gave me the best set of tools to do that.”

An Education in Chiropractic

Dr. Brian attended Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. He first intended to be a sports chiropractor, but soon learned that chiropractic could help people from all walks of life prevent injury and sickness.

Dr. Brian gained the skills and knowledge to be a great chiropractor and was set on helping the school be even better than it had been when he arrived. He was elected student body president twice and was able to serve students from his seat on the student council.

Involvement in the Noblesville Community

Dr. Brian wants to help people be the best version of themselves they possibly can be. Noblesville is his hometown and he was happy to return to our area after graduation from chiropractic college. He and his wife, Michelle love the Noblesville community. Their Christian faith is central to their lives, and they’re members of the White River Christian Church. They do outreach through their church and other area organizations. Dr. Brian has been active in

  • The Noblesville Elks Lodge
  • The Noblesville Masonic Lodge
  • The Noblesville Elementary Football League

Dr. Brian currently serves on the board of the International Chiropractors Association of Indiana.

Dr. Brian, MIchelle and their dogs.

Dr. Brian and Michelle with their two dogs.

Family Time

When he’s not in the office, Dr. Brian loves spending time with Michelle and their two fur babies, a chocolate Labrador-Chesapeake Bay retriever mix, and a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog. Michelle doesn’t see much of Dr. Brian in the fall on the weekends as he is an avid hunter. They also enjoy traveling.

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