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Does a Chiropractic Adjustment Hurt?

Trying something new can cause apprehension and nervousness. A common question at Genesis Family Chiropractic is whether or not a chiropractic adjustment will hurt. Noblesville Chiropractor Dr. Brian McCarley will work with you to help you feel at ease with your treatment. Everyone responds to an adjustment differently, but discomfort is usually minimal if at all. You may experience muscle soreness following your visit — similar to what you would feel if you’d gone to the gym and worked out. Soon you’ll find that the benefits of chiropractic outweigh any muscle discomfort.

Soothe Your Stress

To ease your tension, Dr. Brian will walk through relaxation techniques with you before your adjustment. We want you to feel calm and comfortable during your visit. While we’ll always recommend the best solution for your care, we can start with a low force or Activator® chiropractic technique initially to minimize the “popping” sound. Following treatment many patients respond with, “Is that all?” Their anxiety prior to the adjustment exceeded their actual experience. You will find that you feel less discomfort if you have trust in Dr. Brian and relax during your treatment.

Experience Your Best Life

What are you waiting for? We’ll help relieve your pain and take your health to new levels through chiropractic, exercise, nutrition, personal development and stress relief. Get started today by scheduling your appointment with Genesis Family Chiropractic. We’ll listen to your goals and develop a customized care plan to achieve them!

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