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Genesis Family Chiropractic, Noblesville

Chiropractic care is a series of adjustments used to make sure your spine provides the best possible communication line for your brain and body to talk with each other. Allowing for proper structure in the spine will let the messages to and from the brain and body to be sent without interference. Through these adjustments, we’ll retrain your nervous system to function clearly and without interference, so both brain and body are working to their greatest potential.

Correcting Your Structure

Dr. Brian begins your care with a corrective form of chiropractic. This type of care will get you to a point where the subluxations are cleared and your body is retrained. Moving forward, we’ll move you into wellness care to allow time to heal now that your body is functioning at its best. The techniques Dr. Brian will use in your chiropractic care include

Chiropractic Noblesville

Chiropractic care is safe and gentle.

Safe, Specific Adjustments

You might be wondering how you’ll feel during adjustments. Chiropractic Noblesville is safe, and Dr. Brian’s training is specific to be protective of you. We’re dealing with your health and would never do anything to put that at risk. We’re ready to find out what your specific goals are and work with you toward meeting them.

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